Well I’ve had to stop taking Naproxen now, as I think it’s making me worse – lethargic and more tired (if that’s even possible!!!) So I’m now back on standard Ibuprofen…after 24 hours without painkillers I’ve realised I definitely need to take some – I could barely move for pain at times.

The Ibuprofen is taking the edge off the pain but I am still in so much pain every little thing is a struggle. The cold weather is getting to my joints making them hurt even more than they do normally so I’m spending a lot of my time under blankets.

I have suffered quite a big relapse it seems, I use the Association of Young People with ME’s functional ability scale (available here: http://www.ayme.org.uk/functional-ability-scale)as a guide to how severe my ME is. This past year I have been at about 60% most of the time occasionally worse, occasionally better than that. Right now I am at about 40% and some of the symptoms that have come back are taking a lot of getting used to – I’m struggling to stand for more than 5 minutes without getting dizzy, showering has become very difficult again, my legs keep buckling beneath me and I’ve almost fallen too many times to count.

I’m keeping positive though, I was 30% when I was first ill and look where I managed to get to! I’ve been here before and improved so I can do it again, it’s just so hard to adapt to the things that could be done easily earlier in the year but have now become such a struggle again.

I’m adjusting to having less spoons each day as well – If I haven’t mentioned it before The Spoon Theory is brilliant (available here: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/) It explains how every activity has to be planned for, if something unexpected happens it can cause days of having much less energy.

I wouldn’t wish my life on anybody, everything is such a struggle at the moment but a bit of understanding goes a long way. It helps boost the positivity knowing there’s people there who care, will listen and be there through the tough times as well as the good. I’m so grateful to all my friends who are there right now and putting up with all my moaning, they’re helping me get though this tough time and keeping my spirits up!

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