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Princess Day 2016

Just a short post to show off some photos from International M.E. Awareness Day on May 12th, the day I spent dressed as a Princess to raise money for Invest in M.E. Research. I had a fantastic day but it was rather more exhausting than I expected it to be! So here’s the photos:

Blue nail varnish!
First photo of the day, wearing my invisible crown.
A Royal selfish the old fashioned way of using a proper camera and a mirror!



A photo taken by my Dad.


A realistic depiction of how I spend most days!


Another realistic depiction of how I spend most days!
Having a good rest!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has supported me in raising money for Invest in M.E. Research again this year. The current total of offline and online donations stands at £220 but there’s still time to show your support my JustGiving page remains open at:

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A Royal Fundraiser with a Difference!

So it’s that time of year again; M.E. Awareness Day is fast approaching and I’m beginning to make plans for fundraising. This year I plan on fundraising for Invest in ME again by dressing as a Princess on May 12th, you might remember I did the same last year (I was a Princess for a day!). However I thought I’d try and mix things up a little this time round.

So I’ve had a thought, on my JustGiving page I shall start a story which anyone who donates can add a line to by putting it in the comments with their donation. I shall try and collate all the comments regularly, into the story so far on the JustGiving page, but you’re advised to read the comments by the donations before deciding on your line in order for the story to follow on from the last line. I think this could be rather fun and it’s something that’s a little different, I shall post the finished story after May 12th right here on this blog, with each contributor recognised in brackets at the end of their line of the story.

The great thing is YOU can take this story WHEREVER you want it to go, just by making a donation however big or small, and adding a line. There’s no obligation to add a line to the story you can donate just because I’m digging out a posh frock and putting on a tiara for the day, but if you want a bit of fun the option is there for you.

So please take part if you can, more details on how to donate can be found on my JustGiving page or you can text your donation by texting MEPC92 followed by your donation amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) to 70070


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I was a Princess for a day!

The title of this post says it all. On May 12th 2015 I dressed as a Princess for the day in order to raise money for the small charity with a big cause: Invest in ME. I was overwhelmed by the support I received in doing this, and the donations that seemed to flood in!

As promised here are some pictures from the day…

Just after getting dressed up


Smiling for the camera!
One may have been a Royal Princess for the day but one still had to study


A Princess Selfie

Having spent most of the morning switching between posting on social media sites and working on my End of Module Assessment for uni (not an advised combination by the way!) I was beginning to feel exhausted…

Beginning to feel pretty rough, mid afternoon

Overall it was a brilliant day and I managed to raise £207 in online and offline donations! I was (and still am) overwhelmed by the support and donations I received. SO if you’re one of those lovely people who donated THANK YOU so much, you are amazingly generous people. If you’re a bit late to The Princesses and M.E party then you can still donate by texting PCJW78 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 (e.g. PCJW78 £3 to 70070) or by visiting my JustGiving page:

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and my day ended with a bump. Tripping over my own dress, breaking its strap and landing on the floor has only served to cause a certain amount of laughter in my household and a fair bit of pain (on top of the flare in symptoms for being so active online for the day) At least no one can say I didn’t suffer for my fundraising event!!

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Fundraising on May 12th

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’m going to be fundraising for Invest in ME on May 12th by dressing as a Princess for the day! To say I’m excited about this is an understatement; finding a way to fundraise when you have so little energy is rather difficult, so this is a big thing.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and donations I have received so far on my JustGiving page: I reached £50, half my initial target, in under a week! If you’ve been following my progress on the JustGiving page, Facebook or Twitter you’ll know I shared a photo of my homemade, hand knitted tiara when I reached that halfway point.

My hand knitted tiara, complete with blue sequin jewels

I also received a wonderful fundraising pack from the charity I am supporting; Invest in ME. I will proudly be wearing the sash as part of my Princess costume!

My Fundraising pack from Invest in ME

The reason I am fundraising for an M.E charity is because we need research into the cause if we are to ever find an effective treatment and hopefully a cure! I also want to raise as much awareness about M.E. as possible, since it is still a misunderstood illness and the attitudes towards people who suffer from it can be very hurtful. Raising awareness and educating everyone about M.E. can only improve this!

I’ve promised that if I reach my £100 target before May 12th I’ll give you all a sneak peek of my Princess dress! So if you want that sneak preview, and to help me smash my £100 target please text PCJW78 followed by the amount you want to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or£10) to 70070 (e.g. PCJW78 £4 to 70070) or head over to my JustGiving page:

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