I just need to scream right now! I’ve only gone and got another virus on top of the ME!!! Arrrrrggghhh! It’s really knocked the stuffing out of me!

I’m having to use the wheelchair more out and about, struggling with the stairs again and generally life is just that much harder! Hoping I’ll have the strength to get through this, I’ve surprised myself before so I guess I can probably do so again!

One of the most annoying symptoms that has come back with a vengeance is dizziness when standing for prolonged periods (and when I say prolonged periods I mean 2-3 minutes cleaning my teeth or whatever!) Causing me to almost faint!! It was on of the first symptoms I ever got with the ME and was the most annoying then, hopefully it won’t remain for long this time!

Some of the other stresses have eased a little, but generally life is still seems to be throwing everything at my family right now adding more and more stress!!!

Oh well, we shall survive it all somehow. Find strength we never knew existed within ourselves and be stronger than ever when things improved and we come out the other side!

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