So I’m just starting my 3rd year of doing my degree through The Open University and have decided to start a blog tracking my progress, thoughts, and everything else in between that comes to mind in the process of completing it.

I started doing my degree back in 2010, after spending the 5 years previously virtually bed bound with M.E. Throughout those years I did an hour of home tuition a day and managed to gain a single GCSE in 2009. I took a year out, without the pressure of education I managed to improve significantly so much so I managed to do 2 courses at the local adult community learning centre.

In August 2010 I decided I would start doing a degree through the OU as there was no entry requirements and I would be able to study from home, attending face to face tutorials if I was well enough. I’d do my degree part-time over 6 years. I started thinking of what degree to do, given my interest in computers and the fact I hope to one day start my own business I figured I would combine the two into my degree so decided on doing BSc (honours) Computing, I.T. & Business.

So in October 2010 I began my journey with The Open University studying M150; Data, Computing and Information. It was a bit of a shock to my system after having a year out of formal education. But I coped very well, getting good marks despite being ill.

In December 2010 I learnt that another course required for my degree was being presented for the final time in February 2011 which would mean an overlap of 5 months with M150. I decided it had to be done. BIG mistake.

I started T175; Networked Living, in February 2011. Juggling the two courses proved harder than I thought it would be and caused a relapse in the M.E.
However I still managed to get pretty good assignment marks, although I was barely doing anything else other than studying.

Come August 2011 I got my results for M150 and I had passed! In December of that same year I got my results for T175 which I had managed to also pass. This meant I had gained a Certificate in Computing & I.T. on route to my degree!

In November 2011 I started my 2nd year of OU with B120; An Introduction To Business Studies. I found this course slightly harder than the computing courses as the reading was more intense. I also had a hard time with my health through November through till April when the course ended – I was catching virus after virus which was making the M.E. worse as well. My marks for this course weren’t as good as I got for the computing course but I still managed to pass easily – that always makes me wonder what I’d be able to manage if I didn’t have this illness!

In May 2012 I started DB123; You and Your Money: Personal Finances in Context. I had improved a little since finishing B120 but was still struggling a bit. However DB123 turned out to be a much more enjoyable course (for the most part anyway). I got some of my best marks on my tutor marked assignments (TMAs)! In September I had another relapse making studying very hard, and struggled to get my End of Module Assessment (EMA) (the examinable component of my course) written and submitted by the October deadline. But I did it! Not convinced it is my best work but hoping I will manage to pass.

I had hope to be able to aim for a distinction in this course because my TMA scores indicated I would be able to, but as I struggled a lot to get the EMA written I am now just hoping I get enough marks to pass the course. At this stage it doesn’t matter if I do or do not get a distinction as these have all been Level 1 courses and have no bearing on the overall classification of my degree. It would just be an added bonus and something to be incredibly proud of.

Right now the waiting has commenced – results are supposed to be out in just over 4 weeks time, although have been known to be out later than expected!

I’m registered to start my first Level 2 module T125; Information & Communication Technologies in January 2013. So guess it might be a while…just over 4 weeks…until my next post! 😉

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