Well the past few days have involved much rest and frustration. I’ve rested for the majority of the day, attempted to do some small things like a children’s cross stitch…which I messed up and almost threw across the room in frustration! Also simple sudoku puzzles to try and keep my brain active…this also resulted in the book almost being thrown across the room when I’d spent 2 hours on it, and only done half of it! Oh well things can only get better right?!

Today has been a little better in a way, not feeling quite as sleepy (well not this morning) so decided to actually have a shower, BIG decision that was as although I have now got a shower stool I haven’t assembled it yet. Also knew my friend was coming round this afternoon so didn’t want to do too much in the morning. Anyway shower was a success-ish couldn’t brush my hair afterwards as I’d used all my strength washing it, so had to ask my lovely Dad to do so.

Also found I’ve developed a cough, think it’s the same cough I get every winter after I’ve had a cold/virus – they seem to irritate my airways and I get a lovely sounding barking cough! Normally speaking I end up going to the doctors to get something to settle it, which I might have to do in a few days if it hasn’t settled down itself. Really taking it out of me though.

This afternoon my amazing friend came round to visit, she’s stuck by me through all the tough times, visiting when I was at my worst. When I’m not too bad we go out or I go to her place but if not she comes to me. We had a good catch up as it’s been a few months since we last saw each other and had a great time!

Now however I am shattered, kinda want to sleep again and all my muscles are starting to hurt from coughing!! Can’t remember what I did last winter to ease the pain of that, around my ribs is the worst area. I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually!

Cold is really getting to my joints, and the cold air is making that cough all the worse – the front door only has to open a little and I end up having a coughing fit! Standard painkillers are actually pretty useless on this joint pain so might have to ask the doctor about some.

Think that’s about all that’s happened these past few days, resting is quite a boring activity it seems!!

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