It’s hard to believe 2014 is over and we’re now into 2015! This year I’ve decided to set out some targets for myself, I don’t believe in making resolutions but targets I can go with.

There’s a couple of big targets I’m setting myself and I’ve decided to call these Projects, if I don’t make them this year they’ll roll on until I do!

Project Carol Service.
I couldn’t get to the Christmas Carol Service in 2014 so this year I plan on working my way towards making it this year! This means venturing out to church services, starting with the quieter ones and building up to busier ones throughout the year in order to be able to manage the Christmas Carol Service.

Project Food Processor
This one’s probably an unusual one however the suggestion has been made so I’m going to give it a go! Basically because of my love of making it has been suggested I use the food processor for the mixing (the bit which I find uses the most energy). The only slight possible issue is the noise. But like I say I’m going to give it a go if it means I can get baking again. Besides there’s always ear plugs!

Project Walking 
As much as I appreciate the freedom my wheelchair and mobility scooter bring me I don’t see them as a permanent part of my future. So this year I hope to be build up my walking. Any regular readers will know I mostly get around the house without any aids. Outside is a different story though. I plan on starting with short walks on crutches and building up from there. Either by doing longer walks in crutches (obviously being careful of payback!) Or by doing the same short walk with reduced walking aids; first one crutch, then no crutch with fold-up walking stick in my bag ‘just in case’.

I have a lot of smaller daily goals that I mentioned in another post which I’m still working on doing everyday. Plus the longer-term ones mentioned there are on the go.

Overall I hope 2015 is going to be a positive year and I aim to get it off to the best start possible.

Of course I’ll keep you updated on how both projects and the other big goals go. And if I add projects to the list throughout the year they’ll no doubt get blog posts too! Here’s hoping I can make this year better than the last!

Wishing you all a year of health and happiness!

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