So tomorrow everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Seeing the smiles on friends and family’s faces as they open their gifts, enjoying spending time with family over the Christmas meal. Everything that makes Christmas so special.

I shall be spending the day with my family, no doubt enjoying ourselves with varying amounts of silliness. I expect there will be an element of sadness this year as this is our first Christmas since losing my Grandad, but I’m sure he’d want us to have a good time.

I will be sparing a thought for those people who are spending Christmas alone, something some people have to do. I know a couple of friends who are facing this prospect and so I’ll be dropping them a message or two throughout the day to try and keep them company from a distance. Why not do the same if you know someone who’ll be alone this Christmas day? Better yet if you’re able invite them round or give them a visit if they’re local to you. By giving a bit of your time you might actually make their Christmas!

I hope you all have a good supply of energy to have a very Happy Christmas, and enjoy yourselves!

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