I mentioned last year that I’d got a desk and was hoping I’d be well enough to study at it. The picture I posted back then was of a very clear desk and I said in my post back then that I doubted it would stay that tidy. Well I was right.

My tidy desk back in August 2014

A lot of things have changed since that picture was taken. Not only has the desk got messier but it has had a few additions added to it. I now have a keyboard shelf to give me  little more space. Not only that but the monitor has grown in size, there is a box of index cards and a pot of pens all on there! But don’t forget the piles of reading and work always on the go since my current module began! So all in all this desk is often buried under mountains of paper and folders!

During a study session

Before the keyboard shelf was fitted

While working on a TMA

Brian my study buddy after a good tidy up!

The desk has seen a lot of work so far and I’ve not even had it a year! For the most part I have been able to work at it rather than on the sofa. I have to admit I find myself much more productive when studying at the desk but I don’t know if that’s because I’m at the desk or just because I’m not as ill as when I’m studying on the sofa! I still have my days when sitting at the desk is a struggle and some days I’m more inclined to rest then study at the desk, those are ones where I’d probably have forced myself to do a bit of study if I was on the sofa.

Overall having a desk to work at has made a big difference to my study life. Having separate areas to relax and study has had a bigger impact mentally than I thought it would; when I’m in the living room on the sofa now I really do relax, almost all thoughts of study are left at the desk (or for the middle of the night revelations in bed when I realise where I’ve gone wrong with a question!) It has made a massive difference and I hope to keep on studying at the desk for as long as my health allows!

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