So I realise there are a lot of M.E. awareness and fundraising events going on this month but here’s one that’s caught my eye, brought to you by a good friend of mine who has M.E. himself. Tony has spent a good few months putting this event together, despite being ill and I think he deserves some blog coverage from me and a little bit of love from you lovely people who read my blog posts!

What is The Zzz…Factor. The Best in Almost Live Lie-Down Comedy?
The idea of this event is to appeal to all you comedy lovers! Tony has created a website full of jokes, ready for people of all abilities to enjoy. You’ll find videos full of jokes, as well as audio versions and there’s even a place to try on silly hats! Jokes have been provided by the M.E. community and of course Tony himself. You can even leave your own joke for others to enjoy when you donate!! Finally you can vote for your favourite Zzz…Factor page from the foyer. What’s not to love?!

Where do I find The Zzz…Factor. The Best in Almost Live Lie-Down Comedy?
You’ll find this event at The Invest in ME Comedy Club website.

How do I get involved?
To get in to the Invest in ME Comedy Club you’ll need to buy a ticket by making a donation to the JustGiving page which you can get to via The Box Office

An ALL INCLUSIVE entrance ticket is ***ONLY £2 *** but the club will happily accept more if you’re feeling particularly generous!

With your JustGiving receipt you’ll be given the password to access the show. Enter the foyer, choose your show and then you can just sit back and enjoy! Afterwards don’t forget to vote for your favourite Zzz….Factor page!

Where does the money raised go to?
All funds made at The Invest in M.E. Comedy Club, Zzz…Factor event will go to an M.E. charity; Invest In M.E. You can find out more about this charity on  right-hand side of the Zzz…Factor JustGiving page

I’m hoping you lovely readers of mine will come up trumps and make all the hard work my good friend has put into creating this event worth it. As I said I know there are a lot of fundraising events going on this month so I understand if you can’t donate. One thing to consider doing, if you can afford it, is to give the minimum donation to one or two events; that way showing your support for a number of people who have organised events rather than just one. I understand that money is tight for a lot of people at the moment and completely understand if you are unable to donate at all, if this is the case please share the event with your family and friends since the more people who know about it the better!

I’ll leave you to decide if you want to join in the fun. If you do ENJOY!

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