I had hoped that by now I’d be buried in revision and as a result wouldn’t be updating this blog. But it seems life has other plans for me right now and I can’t focus on revision. Don’t worry I’m still doing a bit here and there but it’s just not lasting long at all. I’m not convinced it’s going in either…we’ll have to wait and see!

I’m still waiting for my final assignment result, this isn’t helping my ability to focus – I need to choose three of the five subjects to focus on and I plan on choosing the three I did my best on the TMA’s for (figuring more of it will already be in my brain!) but until I know my last TMA score I can’t make a decision on my final subject.

Currently I’m focusing on revising Marketing and then I hope to do Human Resource Management. I’ve omitted Accounting and Finance as a subject of focus since unless a question comes up in the exam that I remember the calculation for I think I’ll be stuffed! There’s so much scope for what could come up it is almost unbelievable! Obviously I’m going to try and revise a bit on every subject as the first part of the exam is an overview of all the subjects. There just seems to be so much to do in such a little space of time!

Especially given recent events in my life; there’s no ideal time to lose somebody in your life and unfortunately this has happened to me at a time where energy was always going to be rationed to revision. Instead revision has taken a bit of a back seat this week, but next week I feel I need to get a lot of it done in order to make it through a funeral and recover in time for the exam. Missing the funeral is not an option and neither is missing the exam. I want to do this exam and pass for the person I lost; I know they’d be proud no matter what but I want to do my best for them.

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