So not long to go until my birthday and plans are coming together nicely. Not quite as quiet as I had hoped but then again you’re only 21 once right?! I’m getting ever so slightly excited now!!

A nice lunch with my parents and sister at a cafe in a local park and a walk (wheel for me!) round the gardens to take some photos. Before a buffet dinner at my grandparents with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Should be lovely, and it’s planned that way so if I get too tired I can go home – whereas if it was held at home I’d be stuck!

Also going to visit my boyfriend Tom this week. It’s going to be the longest journey I’ve made in quite a while but it will be so worth it! I’m really excited to see him, it’s been three weeks since we last met up which seems like ages!! That’s the problem with long distance relationships combined with one of you having a chronic illness like M.E. But then again they say distance makes the heart grow fonder…don’t they?!

And at the weekend I’m hoping to see my best friend and have a late birthday celebration! If we’re both well enough that is!!

Oh and the website for my next module – B203 Business Functions in Context – opens this week! So I shall be busy preparing for that starting on October 5th. Hopefully getting a bit ahead if I can.

Luckily I seem to have got over the cold thing I had last week, still have a lingering sore throat but not sure if that’s a cold or the M.E! Fingers crossed I survive the busy week with minimal payback.

Hope you all have a good week whatever you are up to!

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