The past month or so has been spent working on my EMA and the middle of last week I said goodbye and submitted it!

It’s been a lot of hard work but I’m pretty happy with my submission. So now (after paranoidly checking it’s still there come the actual deadline this Friday) the waiting for results will begin!!

I’ve loved studying T215 and found it a really interesting course. Despite having a pretty horrible time with my health and struggling to spend much time on the computer during the most vital times – during the group work in particular! And not being able to attend the tutorials, I’ve managed to get some amazing marks for my TMAs. My favourite TMA has got to have been the final one and the video, despite being challenging with neighbour & health problems it was the one I enjoyed most!

The EMA has been challenging too (as it’s supposed to be…) but again it’s been interesting – once I got started! Glad it’s now finished, just hoping it will get me a decent grade!! Roll on December!!

In a few weeks time on October 5th I officially start B203 Business Functions in Context. The materials for that arrived a few weeks back and I’ve got a new printer in preparation for the block companions – the old printer would jam after just 5 pages! Ever so slightly frustrating!

I’m slightly daunted by this next course – know I said that about T215 but still it’s the truth! My health is still really quite dodgy and winter is my worst time of year generally picking up virus after virus. People have said not to fall behind on B203 cos it’s almost impossible to catch up – not exactly reassuring! Fingers crossed I’m going to manage it…but watch this space!

When the module website opens on Sept 24th I shall be looking to make a start to get ahead. My only slight problem is my birthday being the next day – it’s a special one so I shall be celebrating, and although by most people’s standards my celebrations will be very tame they will really take it out of me. So having to be careful and plan suitable birthday celebrations which hopefully won’t impact on my studies!

I will update this blog as and when I can/ when there is news to share! 

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