Discovered I might be milk intolerant – only when it’s cold though, if it’s heated up the enzymes change so I can tolerate it! Is that weird or what?
So I’ve cut out milk and ice cream from my diet as after eating both of those I feel nauseous. I also have bad acne and¬†catarrh¬†which apparently milk intolerance can cause. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.

Life’s not being easy at the moment, noisy neighbours aren’t exactly making sleep easy and my goldfish isn’t looking too well – very quiet compared with normal and barely moving but he is still swimming about a little and his gills are moving. He is getting old though – must have had him for 10 or 11 years now but he’s become part of the family!

Anyway, I suppose I better come off the computer and do something useful with my time that isn’t to energy consuming as we have friends coming round later.

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