Well I’m not feeling so good today! Went out to my friend’s last night for an early birthday dinner which was fab – we ate pizza, talked and I got the most beautiful pair of clip-on earrings!

Unfortunately I’m paying for it today, my legs are painful particularly my right knee?!?! Not sure what I’ve done to that but it hurts all the same! Feeling absolutely exhausted despite sleeping all night! Oh well at least I enjoyed last night!

The postman is not in my good books either as I’m awaiting a letter about my claim for Disabled Students Allowance – I’ve had the assessment and got the final report with recommendations but am awaiting a letter from the funding body to see if I actually get what they recommend! It’s almost 3 weeks now so I’m expecting it any day!

I should be working on my last assignment for my current Open University module but can’t think straight because of this stupid brain fog! Wish I could just get it done so I haven’t got to worry about it if I catch a bug or something.

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