It’s difficult to believe it’s been 8 weeks since I begun this course, the time has flown by and I’ve loved every minute spent doing the tasks!

In the final week presenting your research project was discussed. This is something I don’t think I will have to do in my university module but it’s useful to have the knowledge there just in case. There’s a very useful checklist provided during this week, to help you prepare for presenting a project and I learned some useful tips for coping with nerves and engaging with the audience. The educators made clear it’s not possible to teach someone how to practise the delivery of the presentation or how to deliver it in itself, but like I said they did offer some very useful tips and techniques.

Overall this course has been brilliant, it’s exceeded all expectations I had for it when I signed up at the beginning of June. Despite having been at university for five years, I’ve learned a lot and where I did know the topics covered, this course has reinforced my knowledge meaning I now feel better prepared to undertake a project. I can’t recommend it enough, so if you’re about to embark on a project of any sort I strongly suggest giving it a go!

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