Wow time flies when you’re having fun or just busy! My hopes of blogging once a week during the summer must’ve been a bit optimistic, so I apologise about that.

Things have been going pretty well of late, sure I’ve had my bad moments but on the whole I’m managing to keep things pretty stable. In recent weeks I’ve had a few days out which have been absolutely lovely; there’s nothing quite like getting out of the house!

I’ve also had a few short trips out on my mobility scooter; not far but it’s a start, besides at one stage when I stopped it wouldn’t start again without switching it off and then on again so I’d rather not go too far until I’m certain we’ve fixed that problem!

Project Walking and the decorating physio is going well, getting up and down the stairs is becoming easier as my legs get stronger. Hopefully I’ll be able to embark on a walk up the road on my crutches in the near future and see what happens.

I’m having to restrict the time I spend on social media and generally at a screen which obviously helps account for my blogging absence too! I’m finding cutting back on these things is actually helping me do more with the energy I’ve got. Although it is a little lonelier seeing as most of my friends and social life is online. But at the same time I’m enjoying being able to do a bit more around the house.

In other news I turn 23 next week. And I don’t know how that happened! It doesn’t seem possible that a year has passed since my 22nd birthday. I currently have no plans for my birthday but am wondering if to do another JustGiving fundraiser like I did last year. Let me know if you think it’s a good idea and I’ll go about setting things up!

I’ll try and blog again soon, especially if I decide on some birthday fundraising again! In the meantime I hope you’re all as well as possible! Take care!!

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