In weeks 5 and 6 of this course the subjects of Academic Reading and Referencing were covered. I found both of these very interesting, although I could whizz through a lot of it having gained some knowledge of it through my Open University studies.

For the most part I found my academic reading abilities were up to scratch although I found I do have a weakness in deconstructing an academic argument; something which I shall try and improve in the coming weeks and months before my next university module commences.

As for referencing I’d forgotten how many different referencing systems there were to choose from! I use the Harvard Referencing System as it is the specified one at my university, and I will stick to it for that reason. But the choice available is phenomenal! The most interesting part of that week for me was the use of apps to aid with referencing; several were mentioned but I think the one I’m going to try is RefMe as I will be able to use it on my phone and tablet as well as my desktop and laptop!

I’ve already made a start on the seventh week of this course so a blog post on that should be coming up very soon!

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