The penultimate week of this course, time really does fly when you’re enjoying learning new things!

This week covered writing up your research, and the different ways to go about this. It was interesting to see how different people go about writing research up in different ways. For me I tend to create a rough structure of my report/essay as I make notes on and find sources, slotting them into place as I go along. It helps me develop a flow to my argument and means I can identify any spots in my argument which could do with a little more evidence and sources. Once I’ve got that I start on my first of many drafts, writing, reviewing and rewriting until I’m happy with what I’ve written or at least happy enough to submit it as my assignment!

Abstracts were also explained and we were encouraged to write an abstract of our research proposal for a peer-to-peer review. I found this was very helpful in a number of ways; it made me think about my research proposal and refocus my ideas as I wrote the abstract, giving feedback to a fellow learner allowed me to develop my critical analysis while writing in a supportive manner and receiving feedback from a fellow learned has allowed me to review my abstract and hopefully improve it.

All in all this week has helped me identify my writing style and develop my abstract writing abilities. I’m looking forward to next week, although will be sad it is the final week!

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