Well I did it. I’m not sure how, but I got my End of Module Assessment submitted a week early. I can’t say I’m 100% happy with what I submitted, but it’s too late to change that now. I’m glad I got it in that early as the following week there was DIY happening in the house; when you have M.E. just coping with the noise and disruption DIY causes is exhausting in itself, let alone trying to finalise an assignment while it’s going on!

So yes, my EMA is in and it’s that time when I reflect on the module and declare my plans u til my next module begins.

T320 has been an interesting, engaging and challenging module. I can’t say I found it easy, even though it was the only module I was studying at the time. My health (or should that be lack thereof?) as well as other circumstances, including the sudden loss of my Nan, have made this module more of a challenge. But it’s a challenge I’ve risen too, and I hope I have done enough to achieve a result my Nan would be proud of.

The module itself, I thought was well written. I have learned heaps about eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and its uses, along with XML Schemas and Business Process Engineering Language (BPEL). The practical side of this module I loved and hated in equal measures; when something wouldn’t work and I couldn’t work out why I hated it with a vengeance but when I finally worked out the problem, fixed it and got it working there was an amazing sense of achievement and I loved it!

Like I said, this module hasn’t been without its challenges but overall it hasn’t been as difficult as I anticipated based on what I’d heard about it. Here’s hoping I can say the same thing at the end of my next module!

No sooner had the official deadline for my EMA passed, than I decided to look into some free courses to complete during my break. I’ve found a couple online which I’ve signed up for and registered interest in a few others. One in particular I’m hoping might help with my next module: TM470 The I.T. Project, which is my final compulsory I.T. module of my degree. It is an individual project, and the free online course I’ve signed up to later this month is all about developing a research project. I’m hoping it will help me prepare for TM470 which starts in Jan 2016 but if it doesn’t, at an hour of study for about four weeks I won’t have really lost anything.

On the subject of my next module I’m still nervously waiting for news on finance for it. I had to resend the forms after the university said they hadn’t received them, and now it’s just a waiting game. Whatever happens I will find a way to fund my next module and the one after that in order to gain my degree. But any financial support I can receive, makes things a little easier and less stressful.

Anyway, health wise I’m not doing too well right now. I’m remaining positive and still smiling but my energy reserves are low and symptoms are high. I probably shouldn’t have jumped in and signed up for these extra courses so soon, but then again there’s no real pressure to complete them, or get a particular result. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get enough rest for my health to improve while completing those courses. For now the wait for results has begun, I plan on doing a few blog posts during my break including some about the courses I hope to complete and of course one about my results when I receive them!

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