As ever things haven’t exactly been plain sailing since I last blogged. But I ain’t gonna let that stop me! I’m managing to achieve my everyday goals most days. I can’t say much progress has mean made towards the longer-term goals so for now I’m focusing on the short-term.

I’ve been rather busy with my university course which has meant I haven’t had many spoons (much energy) to blog. But study is going well, I’m enjoying the course and it’s not as demanding as my previous module which is a relief!

Of course with Christmas fast approaching I’m going to have to carefully manage my energy supply in the coming weeks, but as always I’m sure I’ll manage. In the meantime I’m preparing a few blog posts which will be scheduled throughout the Christmas period, so hopefully I won’t be totally silent on the blog front! But it may take me a while to reply to any blog comments I’m afraid.

Tata for now!

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