As predicted it’s been a while since I updated this blog, but as ever life has been challenging with normal illness on top of chronic illness, setbacks and somehow managing to keep up with studying.

Despite these challenges T320 is proving to be an interesting and enjoyable module. Block 1 covered e-business from a business perspective, so nothing too different to B203 in a sense. In fact much of it overlapped with things I had learned during my previous module.

As I write this I am happy to have received my first TMA back, with a better than expected score. My essay was far from perfect, but given it had been written while I was exhausted with a hacking cough and the general dip in health that comes from having a normal illness on top of a chronic illness I don’t think 83% is bad.

I’m now working my way through Block 2 which again is proving interesting and enjoyable. Despite already knowing quite a bit of the basic XML subject, the details are proving very interesting. I’m managing to get through the study sessions quicker than the study schedule has allowed which has given me leeway to take a few much appreciated rest days. I’m hoping that this will continue so I am able to allow myself a good few weeks off over the Christmas period!

As ever most Open University related terms can be found in the Glossary. Anything not in there please feel free to comment and ask what on earth I am talking about! I’ll try and answer when I can.

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