I’m relieved to be able to say I’m recovering from my M.E. crash. The crash wasn’t as bad as I initially thought, it was just compounded by an energy draining virus as well; making it seem a lot worse than it was.

So now I’m slowly building things back to where they were before. Well apart from the inclusion of recovering from root canal treatment. Now that’s something I don’t wish to experience again if I can help it! I anticipated it being difficult; I mean nobody ‘likes’ root canal treatment doing they? I knew it would be even more difficult to bear with my M.E. as it is, but I underestimated just how much more difficult and the repercussions that would follow my appointment.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of injections at the best of times, slight understatement there – I faint on sight of them – so I’m never exactly happy at the prospect of that. But after having so much work done four years ago I don’t get as nervous as I once did, and I know my dentist understands that. The noise of the drill is something I forgot to anticipate before going to my appointment. To someone who is quite noise sensitive right now, that was hard to cope with, along with the actual work going on. AND holding my jaw open for 30 minutes or more without a rest.

My jaw ended up being my biggest problem. I struggled to close it once the dentist had finished and when I did the pain was quite bad. As the local anaesthetic wore off the jaw pain on the side I’d had the work done grew. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated how great a job local anaesthetic does until that moment. I vastly underestimated how badly my jaw would react to being open that length of time with so much work being done. On the evening after the appointment I also had a nasty headache, I don’t know what the exact cause of that was; the lights, the noise, the vibrations of the drill or the fact I went so long between meals due to a numb mouth. But I got through and at least the problem tooth seems to be fixed now. Just the second appointment to go to check on it and get a proper filling I think. That one happens to be the evening before my birthday so I’m hoping it won’t have quite the same repercussions as this one has!!

As I write this it’s been two days since the appointment. My jaw has settled down considerably but is still a lot more painful than normal. I’ve been living off soft foods that require minimal chewing such as instant porridge and soup with slices of bread (crusts removed). I’m hoping to be able to start eating normally very soon! But I also don’t want to risk making my jaw worse. I’ll keep you updated!

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