Things haven’t exactly been plain sailing with my plans to slowly ease my way back into the studying mindset. But I am getting there. My module website is due to open tomorrow and that’s it I shall be back studying. Not officially since my module doesn’t start until October 4th, however as I think I’ve mentioned before I need to get a head start on this module. I’m hoping the little bits of studying I have been doing will be enough to make the start of the module run smoothly with little impact on my health!

I have my study area sorted and hope to be able to make use of it. The desk is set up, all ready for action! What’s the betting it doesn’t stay looking this clear for long?!

Anyway, like always this blog is likely to take a back seat from tomorrow as I attempt to focus on my new module. I’ll try and keep you updated as and when I can, and of course let you see if the desk stays this clear! Good luck to everyone starting a new module in the coming weeks and to those of you sitting exams in the next few days!!

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