If you’ve been reading my blog from the very beginning you’ll no doubt know that last year I had my hair cut shorter and this was a big deal for me, I blogged about it back then. Well over the past 18 months despite regular trims my hair had grown rather long again. And I loved it. I adore having my hair long, I can’t explain what it is or why but there’s just something about long hair that feels right to me. Whether it’s being able to gather it in my hands, tie it in a pony tail or just run a brush through it I don’t know but I do know I love my hair long.

However despite recent small improvements in my health I’ve been struggling with washing and brushing my long hair. So yesterday despite the fact I love my hair long, I made the decision to have it cut short again. I am pleased with the result and it should be so much easier to manage but I feel like M.E. has won.

I have to battle to do most things. Walking. Writing. Thinking. Showering. Washing my hair. Getting dressed. Brushing my hair. And more. In order to make my life a little easier I have had to let M.E. win this battle – now I shouldn’t find it as hard to wash and brush my hair, which means more energy for other tasks. But it still feels like I’m the one who’s lost out, yet again.

I know this change will make my life easier. I know deep down it was the right thing to do. But I can’t say I like having my hair this short. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, but to be forced to change my hairstyle because I’m unable to physically manage taking care of my current one hurts. It’s not really a choice about hairstyles anymore, it’s a choice that could potentially allow me to pace myself better. And if I can pace myself better, there’s more chance of my health improving. That’s a chance I can’t pass up on. 

So I may have lost this battle but I’m certainly not going to let M.E. win the war!

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