A lot has happened in the two?! weeks since I last updated this blog. I’ve gotten rid of that infection once and for all, but been left with a bad relapse of the M.E.

I’ve had two 3 hour training sessions on how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking Software each a week apart, the final one yesterday. These have wiped me out but been useful nonetheless. It has had an impact on the amount of time I have been able to spend hitting the books, so to speak, for my course though! However I think I’m just about managing to keep ‘on track’ with the study calendar which is the main thing!

I’ve now been allocated a tutor as well, who is very understanding of M.E. which really helps me – right now it is impossible for me to make it to face-to-face tutorials which I always like to attend if I can. It also means that should things get difficult for me I don’t have to worry too much about asking for help.

As for life generally well, it’s not getting any easier but it’s not getting any harder either thankfully.

Tonight I am braving the chop! (As long as I don’t chicken out that is!!) Our hairdresser is coming to do our regular haircuts, except I’ve decided to have my lovely long locks cut into a bob, just above the shoulders. I love my hair long but unfortunately right now I really cannot manage to wash and brush it that easily, in fact there are days when I am unable to brush it at all!! So the only option has been to have it cut shorter and hopefully it will be easier to manage…we’ll wait and see!

Come this evening I will probably be a nervous wreck particularly when the hairdresser asks that dreaded question before making the first cut: Are you sure?; you see that always makes me wonder if they think I’m making the wrong decision!! But it’s got to happen…

I’ll let you know if I chicken out or not…!!

Plans for this week after ‘the chop’ include resting, sleeping, resting, get a few pics of the new cut and maybe get a bit of study thrown in if I can manage it! That is all.

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