Yesterday I had the final training session for the Dragon Software. I’ll admit I’m so glad that it’s over, not because it was that bad in fact it was relatively easy! It’s just how much it takes out of me! I spent the week wiped out from the last session!

Surprisingly today so far I feel okish…although I am taking things easy and slow as I know it can take up to 48 hours for the payback to hit me. Oh the joys of Post-Exertional Malaise!

As for studying well I managed to get some done on Monday afternoon and think I am now closer to being ‘on-track’ with the study calendar – not behind!!
I have a tutor who is very understanding of M.E. which makes life so much easier for me as unfortunately unless my health improves significantly as the year progresses, I will be unable to attend the face-to-face tutorials for this course. Which I am pretty disappointed about if I’m honest, as for me although they do help me with studying the materials, understanding things etc. I find they have the bonus of social interaction. Spending most of my time in the same 4 walls can get pretty damn depressing! I can only hope that as the year progresses my health will improve and I will be able to attend some.

Guess from now on it’s just me and the course books! Hopefully this will make things that much easier for me to manage.

Anyway think that’s all that’s happened recently, unless my foggy brain has forgotten something…which is more than possible!

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