So this week I ticked another thing off my bucket list of things to do this summer. I built a gingerbread house! I got a kit to do it at Christmas but because I was still studying I couldn’t actually make it at the time. Six months later, study free and I’ve finally built it! Who said Christmas was just in December? I’m enjoying my Christmas gingerbread house in June.

It took me most of the day to complete and I ran out of icing! Plus by the time I’d ‘massaged’ the bag of icing to get it to the required consistency (as told to on the box of the kit) my hands were essentially broken anyway, so my icing wasn’t as neat as it could have been!

Still I enjoyed myself and it is rather tasty. Although a little tough for a tired jaw to chew. It will soon be gone and hopefully next time I buy a gingerbread house kit (or attempt to make one from scratch) I’ll be able to do it at the correct time of year. In the meantime I shall just embrace Christmas in June.

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