I’ve been looking forward to having summer off since last year when my university module ran through summer with no break. But now it’s here I’m finding it hard to adjust. It’s strange not having to study and having time to do things I’m unable to do while studying. You see normally all my energy goes on study so I can’t do other stuff, stuff I enjoy doing.

Now I have the spare time and more importantly energy I’ve been starting to do some of the things I’ve missed out on during studying this past year, or at least planning to do them. So in good old fashion spoonie style, I have created a bucket list for this summer! There’s a variety of things on there from what people would consider everyday activities like painting shelves to going out for the day to local gardens.

I’ve already ticked one thing off my bucket list: shopping in the city centre. I hadn’t been there for months, but earlier this week I managed it. I spent far too much money really but treated myself. But more importantly I walked pushing my wheelchair for a short distance. And by that I mean about 20 steps! That’s progress. Although it was technically too much and I’ve really paid for it since.

Anyway back to adjusting to life without study. It’s proving harder than I anticipated. While studying I knew my limits, I could only do so much study and so much other activity. Now I’ve started to do activities that involve more physical work (and I don’t mean major physical work; just a bit more walking/moving objects etc.) it seems I don’t know what my limits are.

There’s a big difference between the energy it takes to do mental activities like studying, and the energy it takes to do something that involves both physical and mental activity. Well that’s what I’m finding anyway. Physically my body isn’t up to doing what I want to do even though mentally my brain is. The only way I’ve found out that my body isn’t up to it is by actually trying to do things and pushing past my limits.

So now here I am lying on a garden bench writing this. I managed to make it out to the patio to enjoy some of the lovely weather we’re having in England. Some of the things on my list of things to do may have to wait until my next time off, I improve a heck of a lot more or I find someone willing to stand on a stepladder painting for me! But that’s life. I’ll enjoy what I can do, and a bit of enforced rest while I’m able to watch TV can’t be a bad thing during the grass tennis season!!

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