No one said this course was going to be easy. But this is proving a lot more difficult than I anticipated, with my health causing more problems than I’d hoped too.

So I completed Block 3, Marketing, over the Christmas break and submitted the TMA on time. I rather enjoyed marketing, and the TMA that went with it. Using the feedback I got from my last TMA to improve my answers, I managed to score 81% Amazing improvement on TMA02.

Block 4 has been very interesting but incredibly difficult to keep up with due to illness. But I have just about managed to get my 4th TMA submitted on time. This one has been a real challenge and struggle, if I’m honest. But at least it’s now done…hopefully the mark won’t be too disastrous!

Anyway I am now moving onto Human Resource Management, my weakest area during a previous module. The trouble I find is a lot of the activities are based on real life experience, which having never been employed thus far in my life, I don’t have much if any. So I’m kind of half-dreading it, if I’m honest.

Anyway that’s pretty much all for now, I will update this as and when I’m able. 🙂

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