Well I can’t believe how fast the year is going already! My posts on here are getting less frequent as I struggle to keep up with my studies, so apologies if any of you miss reading them!

I’ll start from where I left off last time…

I had a lovely Christmas, and managed to pace myself surprisingly well during the week itself. Made some memories which will be forever cherished and got some amazingly thoughtful presents too!

New Year wasn’t as good as I had hoped, I spent the evening lying flat unable to sit up without almost fainting whilst trying to sort out a horrible situation that had come up between myself and others. I got through and  saw in the New Year with a glass of water (having been banned from having the limited amount of alcohol I’m usually allowed!).

January was fairly busy in one sense – studying took up most of my time, especially when I got a nasty cold. I ended up falling behind after having taken 3 days off when I pretty much dozed the entire day! Prior to that I did manage a short walk up the road on crutches with my Mum, it doesn’t sound much but I hadn’t managed it for months! Rather suffered the next day but still it felt like the start of progress!

February arrived fair too soon for my liking, especially since I’d fallen behind on the reading for my course, and I still am behind. But I’m slowly catching up again. Healthwise I’m still worse than I was before the bug and to top it all off my joints have all decided they need to hurt. A Lot. I think that’s partially the weather but also some of it is due to overuse. I’m also still very sleepy, but at the moment that’s coupled with not being able to sleep due to the pain so I’m getting even sleepier!

For the first time in a while I ventured to the supermarket in my wheelchair last week, it was not the most enjoyable experience I’ve had, in fact it was much worse than normal. In the course of going round just the one store I got hit by trolleys at least three times, and not one of those people apologised. I always do my best to keep out of the way too – staying to one side if the aisle is narrow, yet I still got jolted by a few trolleys and it was like I didn’t matter! I could have just been another trolley they’d bumped into! Now that really does get on my nerves and is why I’m growing to hate going out shopping! I have to be constantly aware of where trolleys are and where I’m being pushed because I know if a trolley catches my toe it can jarr my leg and the repercussions can go on for days. Whether people believe because I’m in a wheelchair I don’t have any feeling in my legs (or generally no feelings at all…) I don’t know but it really does irritate me!

Anyway rant over, I need to take a rest before probably heading back to the study books for a bit. I hope everyone is well and I plan on updating my study blog: http://lifewithmedoingadegree.blogspot.co.uk/ very soon! Unfortunately blog posts from now on may well be sporadic as I’m struggling so much but I will do my best to post when I’m able!

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