I didn’t realise it had been so long since I updated this blog!! Oops! Anyway quite a bit has happened since then, I’ve been beavering away working on Block 4, answering the CMA and writing the TMA.

I really enjoyed Block 4: I love encryption and all the maths behind it. Biometrics turned out to be much more interesting than I first thought it would be and although things have been difficult with my health, making studying hard work I managed to submit TMA04 four days prior to the deadline. Now I’m eagerly waiting it’s returning and hoping I’ve written something which makes sense! I’m also waiting for feedback on CMA43.

In the meantime I’ve moved on to Block 5, although the study calendar says we can have a week’s break during it I’m just going to spread the workload a bit more so I can include more rest breaks and hopefully (fingers crossed) get myself more stable health-wise. Currently I seem to be using all my energy (and more) on studying and assignments, inevitably ending up crashing once an assignment is submitted and sleeping for a good few days. I know this isn’t doing me any good, so I’m hoping that being able to spread the workload out a bit more, including more rest breaks etc. I will be able to break that cycle and get on more of an even keel so to speak.

Still having problems writing and typing, adding to my problems is a chronic (very) sore throat which makes talking difficult, so even using Dragon can be challenging. As a result I’ve been typing/writing instead despite the pain in my hands and the weakness that results. The ganglion cyst on my hand is getting bigger again as a consequence of all the repetitive movements and is making things slightly more difficult.

On a slightly more positive note: it occurred to me the other day that if I pass this current module (T215) then I will have 180 credits towards my honours degree. Meaning I’ll be halfway there!! That in itself is an achievement and something I shall be celebrating when the day comes.

Right now I’m off for another rest, feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @SmilingClare or take a look at my other blog on my life in general: http://www.alifewithinanillness.blogspot.co.uk
I will post again soon, probably once I have my results of the latest assignments!

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