Wow, very quick return for my third TMA – deadline was noon yesterday and I have it back today!! Amazingly got 95% which I am both shocked and really pleased at!! Some of my tutor’s comments are amazing as well. 😀

It’s brightened a day where I was seriously doubting my ability to go on studying. I’m really struggling with the ME and seem to be going backwards instead of improving at the moment. Taking notes is proving difficult as is spending any meaningful amount of time on the computer. Kinda ironic I chose a Computing, I.T. and Business degree ain’t it?! In my defence at the time of choosing my degree and even my current course I wasn’t this severely affected by M.E – it has got worse in recent months.

Anyway with the help of assistive software etc. & the support of my friends and family I’m hoping I’ll be able to continue. Think today has just been a ‘down’ day where every little thing I’m struggling with seemed insurmountable!!

That’s all for now!

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