Living Life, Within the Limits of Chronic Illness

TMA and CMA results, submissions and registered for my next course…!

Well it’s been a while since I last posted on this blog – apologies! Things haven’t been easy but they have improved since when I last posted, I’m no longer stuck in bed with the curtains drawn! Mainly sofa bound instead, and studying does prove difficult with such limited energy levels but I’m just about managing.

So what’s new?

I scored 93% on my second CMA and 83% on my second TMA which amazed me considering how ill I had been whilst doing it!

Today I have submitted my third TMA. This one I found tough going as it involved a lot of group work on the forums – factoring in checking & replying to posts on the forum as well as reading the course materials and getting the assignment tasks done was really difficult. I have literally not been doing much else! But it’s now done and I’m allowing myself a few days rest before tackling Block 4; Security, including encryption & biometrics, which I’m really looking forward to studying!

Yesterday I bit the bullet and registered for my next course which will start in October. Or more precisely October 05th. So I won’t even get two weeks between this one ending and that one starting but oh well, it’s the one I want to do! Anyway as of October I will be studying B203 Business Functions in Context!! Well as long as all the forms go through ok – currently awaiting the finance forms to come through the post for me to fill in and send back to them!

Think that’s all that’s happened this past month or so…now I’m off for a bit of rest! Bye for now!

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  1. Well done with all the work and study.

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