Well after several weeks of being behind and studying hard – around 4 hours a day in 8 30 minute sessions. I have managed to get myself ahead! (Only by a week(ish) but still ahead!!

I submitted the multiple choice CMA41 last week and after a bit of tweaking submitted the TMA01 this morning! The CMA was due in by Feb 28th and the TMA March 1st. Considering the deadlines seemed impossible to meet about 2 weeks ago when I was about a week almost two behind on the reading material I’m amazed I’ve got them in this early!! Lets hope they bring good marks in!!

Now I can make a start on block 2 and try and keep ahead. Or at least that is the plan!

Still having a few problems with my health and managing this course though. Almost all my energy is being spent on studying with so little left over I’m not doing anything else. But it will be worth it in the end right?!

So it’s onwards and upwards! I will complete this course, and hopefully get a pass! I hope to manage to start improving as well…or at least that is my goal!

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