Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, things have been pretty busy. All my energy has gone on studying with very little left for anything else! Fell behind with the reading for my course but have now caught up and submitted both assignments with almost a week to spare! 😀

Life is okay at the moment, I seem to be managing things a bit better so have got myself back on an even keel so to speak. At least I’m no longer getting worse! 😉 I have however got a nasty itchy rash on my arms which the Doctor has said feels like eczema but looks like an allergic reaction sooo I’m taking antihistamines and have got some cream for it as well. Here’s hoping that will settle it down! It’s been driving me insane and keeping me awake at night! Which is the last thing I need.

The next few weeks are full of studying…come to think of it the next few months are full of that! I’m hoping I will be able to keep ahead on this course now, as long as I don’t catch anything else I think it’s doable.

Several friends have been urging me to apply for benefits recently, although I’m not sure about it. I think it’s because I’ve been badly burned in the past – when we applied when I was 13 and almost bed bound I was turned down because my parents didn’t do any more than they would for a ‘normal’ 13 year old. At this point they were helping me wash, dress, get up and down the stairs, even cleaning my teeth! I think that experience has put me off especially as I just about manage to do those things for myself now even though it is a struggle. Any thoughts on this? Is it worth the extra stress, form filling and assessment? Right now I am relying on my parents for everything financially which I feel guilty about. I wish I could work or earn a bit of money to be able to contribute to the household.

Anyway I’m off to hit the books again! Hope to be able to write again soon!

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