Posting again sooner than expected as I’ve suffered yet another set back in my health. Since the beginning of the new year I’ve been suffering from a very sore throat, being a symptom of M.E. and knowing that with viruses and the festivities have drained my energy resources I put it down to that.

Wednesday night I started having earache so Thursday morning my Mum insisted I go to the Doctors. Of course she’s always right! It turns out I have a severe throat infection, prescribed very strong antibiotics and ordered to rest! Well that’s all well and good but one of the side effects of the antibiotics is difficulty sleeping (which is also an M.E. symptom), I’ve been getting roughly 5 hours sleep each night the past couple of nights. So resting seems to be all I can do without making myself or this illness worse.

I’m finding myself dozing in the evenings, but unable to go to bed til 11 because I have to take an antibiotic at 10:30. (My fault – took the first one when I got back from the doctors at 10:30am and have to take one every 12 hours! I just wanted to start them as soon as possible) During the day I doze, do a little bit of reading, and spend way too much time on social networks! I have managed to do the washing up today but even that simple task has really taken it out of me and I’ve spent the afternoon not knowing what to do with myself – I’m so tired but unable to sleep, I know if I do too much it will only make things worse yet laying here trying to sleep doesn’t seem to be doing much good either.
Also it’s bad to sleep during the day with M.E. because it can totally mess up your sleep pattern so you become nocturnal! Which I don’t want to happen.

Trying to find productive low energy things to do is proving difficult. My next Open University module website opens this week, normally that would mean I’d start studying before the official start to get ahead but this time I’m not sure it will be possible. I suppose I can print anything that needs to be printed as that can be done from the sofa with very little effort on my part!

Hopefully these antibiotics will get rid of this infection and I’ll slowly be able to improve again. Also hope that I will be able to manage to keep up with my latest module…I will try my utmost to do that as it gives me something positive to focus on and the final result of gaining a degree (hopefully!) will be an incredible achievement!

Righty ho, that’s all for now. I’m off to have another doze! I’m hoping that despite my tired state this all makes some semblance of sense! Apologies if it doesn’t!

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