Well it’s been longer than I planned since I last wrote! Christmas as always was really draining but reasonably enjoyable as well. New Year’s eve was spent curled up under a blanket on the sofa, half-asleep! I hope wherever you were, however you celebrated, that you had a good New Year! I hope 2013 brings health and happiness to all!

I’ve had virus after virus this Christmas and New Year period which has made the festivities even harder to deal with! However I did manage to enjoy myself for at least some of the Christmas traditions etc.

2013 for me is going to involve studying from January right through til October, hopefully be going on a holiday with the family at some point as well – it’s been 4 maybe 5 years since I’ve been on holiday so it’s certainly something to look forward to and aim for! The main problem is deciding on a destination that has everything we need – entertainment on site, a ground floor apartment or chalet or bungalow, and preferably some form of internet access on site because I will probably have to do some studying whilst there! Of course the travelling time/distance plays a part but I think I could cope quite well with a long drive now – definitely much better than I could a few years ago anyway!

I’ve recently decided to take up meditation and mindfulness to help me cope/deal with the pain and everything living with a chronic illness brings. I’m hoping this may also lead to an improvement, as I learn to keep calm and accept the situation I am in. Whatever happens, as long as it doesn’t make me worse I think I shall stick to it.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Posts from now on might be even more sporadic, as I soon start my next Open University module which will take priority over everything else except obviously my health!

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