Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve been up to posting on here. Sorry about that, but what with viruses, stressful events, christmas preparations and a much needed eyesight test I haven’t been able to get on here much at all!

Fortunately I am now (fingers crossed) virus free! Some of the stressful events have eased a little. And I have new glasses so can see properly again – always advantageous 😉

Christmas preparations are under way, planning for the unknown this year – we’re not sure who may or may not be coming, so got lots of food ‘just in case’! Pretty much all the presents are wrapped, cards written, decorations are up. Just the baking, cleaning and hopefully a bit of resting left to do before the busy day!

I’m not managing this illness as well as I have been – seem to be doing too much, resting to recover and then doing too much again! I need to slow down, rest more and re-learn that odd strange word ‘NO’ when people ask a favour. But this time of year it’s so difficult to do that, especially with everything else that’s been going on for my family this past month.

I find having a daily routine helps me manage a lot easier, but due to circumstances I haven’t been able to maintain that much of a routine these past few weeks which has made me worse. Oh well at least I am identifying where I am going wrong, I just need to find a way of adapting and changing things so that I am able to improve!

That’s all for now folks, if I don’t post again before (which I doubt I will) I hope you all have a Very Happy Christmas and Wish You All The Best for 2013, I Hope it Brings A Wealth of Health and Happiness to You All 🙂

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