Well this week hasn’t exactly gone to plan, I had hoped to be able to start wrapping christmas presents and get organised but that hasn’t happened yet.

It seems as usually happens, my trip out at the weekend got me out in the open to welcome another virus into my body. So I have spent most of the past week under a duvet resting beating off a cold like virus. Today I am feeling a little better, on the road to recovery I hope!

As I’ve felt a little better today I finished writing my christmas cards, so now all I need to do is get them posted when I’m able. I’ve been writing them for about a month now taking my times only doing a couple each day so I don’t do too much. I’m so glad I’ve finished now. Next it’s the present wrapping!

The weather is getting colder and bleaker now, in fact they forecast wintery showers this weekend. Of course this isn’t helping me as my joints are getting worse in the cold weather but I am keeping a positive attitude and trying to makes sure I don’t dwell on it.

I’m looking into getting a book on living with chronic pain which gives you tips on mindfulness and meditation to help cope with it. I figure it’s worth a try, right now I’m open to anything which could help but doesn’t involve taking painkillers.

Well here’s hoping for a good weekend and a better week next week! Hope everyone reading this is as well as possible.

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