Well I’m posting this a little later than intended. Honestly I don’t quite know where my energy keeps disappearing to, but it seems managing on my own and the day to day tasks alongside hospital appointments leaves little energy for much else – that’s despite my parents coming over to help a few times a day!

But anyway, 2023 has been quite a year with several huge things happening. At the end of 2022 I knew major surgery was on the cards for this year however I had no idea moving out of my parents would be on the cards too. Let alone that it would all pretty much coincide with one another! It’s been a bit of a tough year with several trips to A&E alongside the move and surgery. There’s been a lot of learning to do as well; it turns out you learn a lot about what you can and can’t easily manage (and how much you relied on living with your parents) when you move out! Overall though it’s been good, living all on one level is proving a lot easier even with the additional things which come with living on your own.

Despite all the challenges I’m classing 2023 as a good year –

  • I got an accessible flat close to my parents, albeit not fully accessible so I’m having to get adaptations done but I think I would’ve been waiting forever if I’d waited for something perfectly suitable! With help from friends and family we have decorated & furnished it, and generally made it liveable (If you’d seen the state it was in when I viewed and accepted it you’d know that was a lot of work!)
  • I’ve had major surgery which has hopefully fixed my kidney; I say hopefully as I don’t get the post-op scan results until I see my surgeon in the new year, but given I’ve not been in agony with kidney pain, or had a urinary tract infection since the surgery I’m assuming it must have been a success!
  • I’ve continued with physiotherapy, with a break for major surgery of course, and it seems to be paying off – things are getting slightly easier. It’s still only a tiny bit of movement each day & very slow to build up but it is helping.
  • I was referred to another consultant (in addition to the many others!) and they were very understanding and actually listened to me. We hope together we can come up with a plan which helps better manage my pain levels.

Going into 2024 I already have 4 hospital appointments booked, 3 in January alone. But I’m hoping I might finally get round to editing and posting the many posts I have drafted from 2022 which I didn’t get round to doing this year what with everything that has happened. I also hope to start blogging more regularly and perhaps even give the site an overhaul design-wise! Otherwise the aim is to just appreciate every moment which feels nice at the time, and doesn’t involve medical appointments!

Anyway I’m going to leave it there, I hope you all had a lovely festive period with lots of enjoyable moments and that 2024 is kind to you!

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