Well to say 2022 hasn’t gone to plan would be an understatement, I had so many plans to review draft posts and actually publish them, yet we’re now over halfway through the year and alas it still hasn’t happened. These past few months have been a sea of hospital appointments and a continued slow recovery from my emergency hospital admission at the end of April. However one dream has come true this year, something we had been planning to do for a little while and finally got the chance to do in June – we’ve adopted the most gorgeous dog!

Introducing Dolly, an 8 year old Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier Maltese cross) with a lot of character and even though we’ve only had her a short time none of us can imagine life without her!

The face and front leg of a black and tan yorkshire terrier maltese cross dog, being cuddled. Under her front leg is the white arm of Clare.

Dolly is a little ray of sunshine on those more difficult days, and provides a wonderful welcome home from the many hospital appointments I currently have. Ultimately she is supposed to be my dog; I feed her, brush her and she sleeps in my bedroom. The only thing I don’t do is take her out for walks – that’s my Dad’s job – and it seems she absolutely adores him no end, in fact she tends to be more excited when he’s around the house (and follows him) more than she does me! It’s still early days but she is settling in really well.

Overall despite the sea of appointments it seems as though things are going well with my health; I’ve had my long awaited neurology appointment and I am undergoing more tests to investigate possible nerve abnormalities, particularly in regard to autonomic dysfunction. I’m still doing my physiotherapy too, very carefully and with more rest days/less of it than before my hospital admission but it’s slowly getting there (Thankfully Dolly hasn’t shown any interest in trying to ‘help’ with my pilates style exercises, at least not yet!). In terms of the kidney which landed me in hospital, I have appointments in the coming weeks to discuss the possibility and risks of major surgery to correct the partial obstruction which caused my admission. So although there’s not much improvement in my health, we are at least on the path to learning more about my body, how it’s working and how best to manage it all.

The prospect of having major surgery, as the surgeon described it, is very daunting. It’s not the only option we have, but it is the only option which definitively solves the problem meaning there shouldn’t be a repeat of what happened in April. So I’m waiting to see an anaesthetist to be assessed before seeing the surgeon again and making a decision. All this means that most plans are up in the air; we can’t make any big plans because I might have important appointments, be having the stent removed or even having the surgery etc. So being able to adopt Dolly has been the absolute highlight in this tough year so far. And if I do have the surgery it’s nice to know there will be (hopefully gentle) cuddles from her to look forward to when I get home and in the months of recovery.

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