As any regular readers of this blog will know, I usually write a bit of a review of the previous year and set some goals for the year ahead but to be honest I’ve not really had the energy to put together anything like that… until now and even now it’s probably shorter than normal. But here it is, better late than never right?!

2021 was quite a year; I like to think I did indeed make the best of it like I said I hoped to at the beginning of the year but it certainly threw some challenges my way too! In all there were 17 hospital appointments, 4 jabs as well as numerous letters and phone calls with my GP (I’ve lost count of those!), dental appointments and other appointments. Unfortunately all 3 Covid jabs caused my health to flare badly for a few months, so things were pretty rocky at times as a result. In fact a month on since my booster jab (which might not be my booster jab as the nurse thinks I might require 3+ booster due to my health) and I’m still recovering from the flare it caused; slowly getting back to what my baseline was beforehand but not there yet. However thankfully I am able to do more than I could in those first few days/weeks following it.

We’ve learned a few more things about my body during 2021; the cause of the bright red rash which appears most notably on my face, neck, chest and upper arms is dysautonomia – my autonomic nervous system not working as it should – and we’re trialling high dose antihistamines to try and control that. Through physiotherapy I also learned that certain muscles don’t always engage when they should, particularly when climbing stairs, and we’ve been working on improving that through strengthening exercises.

Once again, there were few trips out other than to hospital appointments, although I did manage a particularly noteworthy trip to a garden centre with one of my best friends in November. And it was one of the best days.

2021 was also the year I finally reached out to the council for help/adaptations in the home as my mobility deteriorated drastically after my first Covid jab. So far I’ve got a couple of grab rails at the top of the stairs, and encountered what feels like a whole heap of obstacles along the way to finding out what other options are available in my parents little house. In the meantime I’m still struggling with the stairs, steps into the shower and more. So here’s hoping 2022 brings some progress on that front!

As for 2022, I have no real resolutions as such, but I am setting myself a goal just so I have some incentive to actually get it done.

  • To get myself a new wheelchair with power assist as my current (second-hand) one is beginning to fall apart. That’s something I’ve been “doing” since talking with my local wheelchair service in August 2021 but thanks to numerous hospital appointments haven’t actually made any progress with. It’s rather a big and important goal as it will help me so much, I just need to get my butt in gear and start sorting it!

Apart from that the plan is to continue to manage all the medical appointments (both hospital & GP) and medical admin that chronic illness keeps throwing at me, while also trying to make the best of the year. I’m hoping to be able to do something special to mark my milestone birthday in September but that all depends on a whole variety of things including my appointments!

But that’s about it really; I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself given the way my health is and the demands of medical appointments, I mean I have two medical appointments in the first week of January alone, and many more either booked or due to be booked later in the year. I wonder what the total will be for 2022… I guess only time will tell. Besides I think getting myself a new wheelchair with power assist is going to be a big enough task in itself!

Best Wishes to you all for 2022.

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