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Iris Folded Cards

A number of years ago one of my Aunt’s bought me a book on iris folding. This is a way of making cards through layering folded paper in a certain way within a certain shape, creating a beautiful layered effect.

I’ve recently gone back to doing this and I absolutely love it. It is something I can do in stages, and pick up and put down according to how I feel. Well certain stages it’s better to try and do in one go but I can usually do those in a half hour period where concentration is present and my hands don’t hurt too much!

I find it such an easy way to create lovely cards. The hardest part in terms of design, is choosing which colours/patterns of paper to use. But otherwise it is just so simple, and yet creates something beautiful to send to other people.

The only difficulty I have is cutting the shapes out; using a craft knife to cut round is really quite fiddly and my hands often start hurting half way through cutting it out. Once they start hurting it can be necessary to stop, as otherwise I make mistakes when cutting, or worse still come close to cutting myself rather than the card or paper! I’m not sure what the solution to that is yet, going to have to look into seeing if I can find some gadget to do it for me I think.

But anyway here’s some of the resulting cards from my recent hobby sessions.


An Iris-Folded Elephant Card

An Iris-Folded Daffodil Card A Selection of Iris-Folded Cards


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  1. Joanna Baron

    I really like your cards! I tried to do a bit of card work from a calendar of paper craft and it’s much harder than it looks isn’t it? Especially the cutting out – I am intrigued by yours. I will look up iris folding. Sending a commenter’s hug as I started by reading your more recent post 🤗 joanna

    • Clare Wood

      Thank you so much! Card work is a lot harder than it looks, in my experience at least! The cutting out really takes it’s toll on my fingers, which is why I need to look into other ways of cutting out than using a craft knife. I was tempted to do a more in-depth post about it, but wasn’t sure anyone would be interested, but I might try and do a step-by-step post to explain iris folding a little better. Thank you for the hug Joanna, sending one back to you too. Clare

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