I can’t believe it is now the later end of January, in some ways it still feels like Christmas was just yesterday! (Admittedly this is probably partly due to me not having the energy to find spaces for the wonderful Christmas gifts I received and thus there is still a Christmas stocking full of them in my room…)

I haven’t been feeling the greatest in recent weeks, despite the relatively mild temperatures until last week, my joints have become increasingly painful, and this has made sleeping that bit more difficult. This latest cold snap has just increased that a bit further.

Whereas I had built up to managing a shower every other day, I am now back to managing it twice a week. I’m grateful I’m still managing that as I remember times when showering once a week was an achievement. But I do hate having greasy hair, and unfortunately I am not blessed with hair which doesn’t become very greasy after a few days. I’ve reacted to all the dry shampoos I’ve tried, either that or they’ve just made my hair even more greasy. So I’m looking into other options to try and make me feel a bit better about things in between shower days.

I have however been managing to get back to my card making, something I always used to enjoy and am back to enjoying. Recycling old Christmas cards into gift tags, and new Christmas cards, as well as creating birthday and thank you cards. It’s slow going but it’s something which takes my mind off things and gives me something to do which I can pick up and put down as and when my health allows.

I am also looking for a new bookcase for my room, so I can hopefully (eventually) create some order out of the chaos that currently reigns in there. The trouble is the size of the room means I have to be very fussy about the size and as yet I have failed to find one which will fit. I’m willing to compromise but every compromise we’ve come up with so far creates another problem! Fingers crossed I’ll find something soon though.

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