So it’s been a busy year in 2018, more to do with health stuff than anything else and so my list of goals got somewhat forgotten!

  • Meet some of the fantastic friends I’ve made online through university and M.E. groups. Unfortunately I have yet to manage to arrange this, but it will roll on to 2019 in the hope I will finally be able to arrange meeting up with some of my amazing friends.
  • Finish decorating my room. This one still isn’t quite done but I have made significant progress on this front; the heating is now sorted, another wall painted and shelves painted. There is just a wardrobe left to paint, a little bit of wall where the radiator used to be to paint and a bookcase to find, purchase & build! (Thank goodness I have a lot of help in doing all this!!)
  • Attend the church carol service. Unfortunately due to my health and the plans for Christmas I was unable to attend the church carol service, but there’s always next year.
  • Try and find a suitable job I can do from home and manage with my health. This well and truly failed miserably, in fact I have been forced to admit that right now I am unable to work and started claiming benefits (a nightmare in itself), hopefully my health will improve and I will be able to find something manageable in the future but right now doing anything for more than 20 minutes at a time is ridiculously difficult.

So having gone through all the plans I had which I didn’t manage to do, it’s time for a more positive look at 2018, the highlight of which has got to be being a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding! They did so much to accomodate me being able to be there, and although I missed out on seeing their first dance, I did manage the majority of the day. It was well worth the week or so of severe payback which followed!

The other good thing that stands out for 2018 is all the things which have gone on healthwise; referrals to the CFS Clinic (although the experience hasn’t always been positive, see here for more, the Occupational Therapist seems to be understanding and helpful thus far), wheelchair services where I was provided with a wheelchair more suited to my size, and finally a specialist cardiologist in London to investigate the dizzy/fainting spells I get, the current theory being Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome but that appointment isn’t until May 2019 so we’ve got to wait and see what the specialist says.

Now for 2019…

Obviously the some of the goals for 2018 have got to be carried over as I still want to do them:


  • Meet some of the fantastic friends I’ve made online through university and M.E. groups.
  • Finish decorating my room.
  • Attend the church carol service.

But really and truly I need to add a few more which might be easier to achieve too, so…

  • Learn to crochet something other than granny squares
  • Learn Python programming
  • Blog a bit more than I did in 2018, including book reviews and all sorts.

I’m still struggling to think up goals which will be achievable and make the end of the year feel somewhat better than this one does – it would have been nice to be able to cross off at least one of the goals that was on my original list, but here’s to making 2019 a better year than the last.

2018 certainly had it’s challenges but we have muddled through and there have been some wonderful highlights during it too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, here’s hoping 2019 brings great things to us all.


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