Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks but I think I am finally getting organised for Christmas and may even have recovered from a virus too (I still have a lingering cough and the fatigue is a bit worse than usual though…).

I (stupidly?) thought I’d make a few of the Christmas gifts this year and so I have been busy knitting and crafting getting them ready for wrapping. Thankfully I have now almost finished the final one and so I’m hoping I will be able to pace myself with the wrapping and other preparations for Christmas.

I managed a trip into the city centre to do a bit of shopping and support the local shops before December, in order to avoid the crowds. I think the fact it was a damp and windy day helped as well though! And now there are only a couple more gifts to get, which is scary as I’m not usually this organised.

But the general idea is to try and pace myself a bit better, so there is less rushing around and pushing myself beyond my limits. It also means I don’t have to worry too much if I catch a bug like I did the other week as I can take a few days to rest without it meaning I’ll run out of time to finish the Christmas shopping and what not! Although I am guilty of making myself a schedule to try and stick to in order to stay organised, and putting myself under a bit of pressure to stick to it. That’s a habit I can’t seem to break!

How are your Christmas preparations going?

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