Since the beginning of the year, longer in fact, applying for a disabled parking permit, or Blue Badge as they are called here in England, has been on my to do list.

In September it’s something I finally got round to doing. And I am ever so relieved to say that following an assessment to check I met the eligibility criteria, I was successful in my application.

To say I am relieved would be an understatement. Given I’m reliant on a wheelchair when out of the house it would be hard to see how they could possibly have turned me down, but with this illness being seen the way it is, and the general level of understanding of it, whenever I apply for anything disability related there is that niggling doubt that I will get refused.

Now I am permitted to park in the disabled parking bays, life is so much easier on the times I do get out, as there is space to open the door wide and bring my wheelchair round to the side of the car if I’m in too much pain or too unsteady to walk the few steps down the side of the car to or from the wheelchair. It makes a massive difference.

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