I’m sorry for being so quiet in 2017. Unsurprisingly the first half of the year was dedicated to completing the final module of my degree, and since then I simply don’t know where the time has gone!
Back in January I revealed the plans I wanted to achieve for 2017, and now I guess it’s time to see if I have managed to tick them off:
Pass B301 and thus get my degree!  Yes I did it! I passed B301 and gained an Upper-Second Class Honours Degree!!
Graduate from The Open University (Ceremonies are optional but I really want to attend one, just depends where and when I can book one) Ok so I didn’t manage to attend an official ceremony, but I did graduate from The Open University!!
• Meet some of the great friends I’ve made online through university and M.E. groups. Sadly this is one thing I haven’t yet managed to do, and thus will be something I hope to do in 2018.
Walk up the road to the corner shop (or even better the tearoom!). I have done this once or twice on crutches, (but not the tearoom) and also walked a bit of the way back from town using my wheelchair as a walker, so it’s a start. Here’s hoping a bit more walking can be done next year.
• Go to the church carol service again. As I write this ahead of Christmas (I am trying to pace myself! 😉) the plan is to go to the carol service on Sunday. Hopefully I will make it again, I miss going to church but at the moment the carol service is the only service I manage each year.
• Redecorate my bedroom. Well this one is a work in progress, so I don’t feel I can cross it off just yet but the room is being redecorated and beginning to look nicer, although it is frustrating that everything is packed away!
• Start thinking about what I’m going to do post-degree. Every time I start doing this I hit a road block and give up for a while. But I’ll figure it out eventually, it’s just a case of finding something manageable.

Now for 2018 I aim to….

  • Meet some of the fantastic friends I’ve made online through university and M.E. groups.
  • Finish decorating my room.
  • Attend the church carol service.
  • Try and find a suitable job I can do from home and manage with my health.

There’s fewer this year as I have been struggling to think of some which are achiveable. But hey, I can always add to the list throughout the year right?!

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year, here’s to 2018 bringing great things for us all.
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