How so many months have flown past! I’ve been busy finishing B301, writing assignments, revising for and sitting my (hopefully) final exam, and am now (im)patiently waiting for the results to see if (a) I’ve passed and (b) what class of degree I have achieved!

Post exam I’ve been a little unwell and feeling rather low. Slowly recovering physically but I’m still feeling rather lost – the question of what next? keeps arising. I want to get a job but finding one that is suitable; part-time, flexible hours, from home, that I can fit around patches of illness isn’t going to be an easy task and I really don’t know where to start with that one. So instead I’m focused on waiting for my results, having a bit of a break sorting things out that have been rather neglected while I study.

For example I am scanning into the computer all my university notes, in order to reduce the number of books and lever arch files that need storing – some cds or a dvd or a pen drive will be easier to store than 18 lever arch files! I’ll still have books and notebooks to store but at least it will reduce it’s size a little. I’m also in the process of planning redecoration of my bedroom. Anything to keep my mind off the wait for results while trying to regain as much energy as possible.

B301 as a whole has been a tough module, not least because my health hasn’t been great for the duration and as a family we had some tough times but I’ve made it through. A tutor change before Christmas was stressful but I can’t deny it made a difference to the wholeoutlook I had on the module, it went from rather negative with the focus being on it being difficult, and the failure rate being high, to more positive, with a tutor who believed we could pass.

My assignment results have been decent, with some of my highest marks, a bit up and down but overall they averaged out well. The exam itself seemed to go ok, I’d spent plenty of time revising and amazingly some questions came up on subjects I had revised. It was still a challenge being well enough on the day, and I used almost all the extra time and rest breaks I’d been allowed. That didn’t stop the following weeks being pretty bad healthwise though. However things have picked up a little again, and although I don’t feel I’m back to how I was pre-exam, I’m doing better than the immediate aftermath!

Results are due out in the coming weeks, so watch this space for news of that! I’ll also try and write a some more as I find things to write about; if theres anything you’d like to read about feel free to leave a comment and let me know! If I can write about it, I will.

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