Well it’s been longer than I intended between blog posts, but not to worry.

I’ve had some ups and downs these past few months but at the beginning of April I did manage to walk up the road to the corner shop and back on crutches! Unfortunately a week or so later my legs gave up on me again and I had to slowly build some strength back up; I’m getting there again though. Slowly but surely, I hope to do that walk again sometime this year.

Now as many of you will be aware, May is M.E. Awareness Month, and I usually make a big effort to raise awareness and quite often fundraise for an M.E. Charity. Unfortunately this year I’m going to have to take a step back; although my health is fairly good right now compared with what it has been previous years (touch wood it stays that way!) I’m on the final module of my degree, and unfortunately M.E. Awareness Month and the day itself (May 12th) falls in the final month of the course. I am currently preparing my final assignment and then have just over three weeks to revise for my exam, in order to manage that I don’t feel able to do as much to raise awareness, or fundraise, this month. I will attempt to do my usual day in my life post but other than possibly sharing a few posts as and when I come across them on social media that will be my efforts this year.

I know from past experience I need to prioritise my energy and focus on my revision, especially as retaining information in my brain isn’t the easiest of tasks thanks to M.E. I suppose in a way this blog post is a form of awareness, because most people wouldn’t have to not participate in writing posts for awareness in order to be able to sit an exam. But such is life with M.E.

Until next time…

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